17:03:48 <Hauke> #startmeeting
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17:04:23 <Hauke> #action Overall Timeline for next weeks
17:04:47 <blogic> this week is WBM in porto
17:04:54 <blogic> and next weekend is wcw in berlin
17:05:05 <blogic> i think jow is already in porto and felix will arrive tomorrow
17:05:18 <blogic> so ideally they polish the mail to -hackers and -devel
17:05:38 <blogic> then felix can send it and we are at that point public and launched
17:06:31 <blogic> not sure what will happen next, we have been working towards that :-)
17:06:37 <Hauke> do we also want to send informations to other list exept -devel ?
17:06:46 <blogic> yes
17:06:51 <jow_laptop> we should decide when we take down the access restrictions
17:06:57 <blogic> now ?!
17:07:00 <jow_laptop> I want to do it rather sooner than later
17:07:08 <Hauke> yes I am fine with now
17:07:17 <neoraider> +1
17:07:19 <Noltari> I'm fine too
17:07:25 <blogic> shall we quickly vote on that ?
17:07:33 <thess> +1
17:07:38 <stintel> +1
17:07:39 <jow_laptop> I thinke we just did
17:07:40 <jow_laptop> +1
17:07:41 <blogic> wait
17:07:43 <Hauke> +1
17:07:49 <blogic> hauke needs to start the vote thing
17:07:51 <blogic> :-)
17:08:00 <Hauke> blogic: jow_laptop  which command?
17:08:16 <jow_laptop> Just note it with "#agreed" in the minutes
17:08:22 <jow_laptop> there is no dedicated vote thing
17:08:32 <blogic> +1
17:08:45 <Hauke> #agreed taking down the access restriction for the website and co.
17:09:36 <Hauke> do we have a press release or something like that we can send to a more broder groupe?
17:09:46 <blogic> http://piratepad.net/ArjcbcV6ck
17:09:47 <lede-bot> Title: PiratePad: ArjcbcV6ck (at piratepad.net)
17:10:11 <blogic> felix is working on the mail to -devel
17:10:24 <blogic> it will be a mix of the 2 text sections
17:10:35 <Hauke> ok
17:10:40 <jow_laptop> I suggested that people put themselves on the signers list at the end of the docuemnt
17:10:47 <jow_laptop> we didn't want to impose somebody
17:11:32 <neoraider> As we don't have a draft of the -devel mail yet, there's no signer list yet, is there?
17:11:51 <blogic> well it would be a mix of the 2 text passages
17:13:04 <Hauke> I think we should also send something to -users and to some communities using OpenWrt
17:13:12 <blogic> erm yes
17:13:25 <Hauke> that could be that same mail as to -devel
17:13:28 <blogic> -devel, -users, FF, ninux, WBM, ...
17:14:01 <Hauke> any other suggestion?
17:14:07 <blogic> http://piratepad.net/eeJLCt008w
17:14:08 <lede-bot> Title: PiratePad: eeJLCt008w (at piratepad.net)
17:14:31 <blogic> why prpl ?
17:14:41 <blogic> right now i think we should inform our communities
17:14:42 <Hauke> just to inform them
17:14:49 <blogic> prpl is a lobby that has never contributed anything
17:14:54 <blogic> companies should come later on
17:14:57 <Hauke> I think we should inform everybody how might be intrsted
17:15:04 <blogic> yes
17:15:08 <blogic> lets do a company list
17:15:35 <Hauke> and this should be all at the same time
17:15:40 <blogic> yes
17:15:48 <blogic> 1 mail for community
17:15:55 <blogic> and then one mail for companies
17:16:04 <Hauke> why different mails?
17:16:08 <blogic> we do not want to create the impression that we intermingel the 2 things
17:16:20 <Hauke> some people from companies are already on the devel list
17:16:34 <blogic> the mix between company and community interests caused headaches within owrt i think
17:16:38 <Hauke> we should handel them the same way as the communities
17:16:46 <blogic> i dont agree
17:17:01 <blogic> we stated very early on to first handle our communities
17:17:05 <blogic> then the companies
17:17:11 <blogic> we can vote on this i guess
17:17:25 <jow_laptop> please clarify
17:17:34 <Hauke> our rules say that we want to handle companies like communities so individuals from comapnies can interact
17:17:44 <blogic> well
17:17:54 <blogic> our rules say that companies should act like community members
17:18:08 <blogic> and they are welcome to contribute under those same rules
17:18:08 <Hauke> when we inform -devel and so on also many companies are informed because they have people on the list
17:18:17 <blogic> yes
17:18:38 <Hauke> and why not send them the same information as the communities?
17:18:38 <blogic> if we inform companies using owrt/lede we need to inform them all
17:18:43 <blogic> and the list would be very long
17:18:58 <blogic> adding prpl to the list suggests a special relation which does not exist
17:18:58 <Hauke> for pepl I would only send something to their public list
17:19:12 <blogic> and lets face it they will monotenize that implicit suggestion
17:19:12 <Hauke> *prpl
17:19:30 <blogic> well i had my say
17:19:42 <blogic> jow_laptop: was that clarification enough ?
17:19:44 <Noltari> I think they're going to get the message either way
17:19:58 <blogic> they have a very bad record at getting the message
17:20:19 <jow_laptop> blogic: do you want to send them a different message?
17:20:22 <blogic> but that is just my PoV
17:20:24 <jow_laptop> companies, that is
17:20:27 <blogic> no
17:20:41 <blogic> same text but separate email
17:20:59 <blogic> basically send the email once to communities and once to companies
17:21:10 <Hauke> ok with me
17:21:33 <jow_laptop> that sounds okay to me. first broadcast message to community members and contributors
17:21:41 <blogic> yes
17:21:46 <jow_laptop> second broadcast message with same content to legal entities
17:21:52 <blogic> yep
17:21:55 <Hauke> ok vote?
17:22:06 <jow_laptop> +1
17:22:08 <Hauke> +1
17:22:08 <blogic> +1
17:22:08 <Noltari> +1
17:22:12 <thess> +1
17:22:20 <stintel> +1
17:22:39 <Hauke> #agreed first broadcast message to community members and contributors, second broadcast message with same content to legal entities
17:22:39 <neoraider> +1
17:23:18 <jow_laptop> nevertheless we need to discuss how to handle prpl
17:23:31 <Hauke> do we have a date when we want to need the mails?
17:23:35 <blogic> lets do that as last point in the meeting ?
17:23:36 <Hauke> prpl is also on the agenda
17:23:47 <blogic> Hauke: monday
17:23:47 <Hauke> yes talk about prpl later
17:23:58 <jow_laptop> in the spirit of leaving no burned bridges we need to be aware that they're essentially organizing a summit around a project which is about to lose a fair number of contributors
17:24:03 <jow_laptop> ok
17:24:51 <blogic> ok, whats next ..
17:24:54 <blogic> mission statement
17:24:59 <jow_laptop> yes, I really do hope that I'll be able to finish all material on monday together with felix
17:25:11 <Hauke> #topic Infrastructure
17:25:27 <blogic> i would like to thank jopw at this point
17:25:37 <blogic> he did most of the work on the infrastructure part
17:25:42 <blogic> *jow ;)
17:25:51 <Noltari> very nice work, btw
17:25:52 <Hauke> I also want to thank him
17:26:24 <Hauke> jow_laptop: do you have new information?
17:26:27 <blogic> i thik we are mostly done and in good shape
17:26:27 <jow_laptop> yes
17:26:30 <Hauke> I think this is your topic ;-)
17:26:40 <jow_laptop> first of all I'd like to once again welcome thess
17:26:58 <thess> Hi
17:27:24 <jow_laptop> he did offer some of his precious time to help out with administration and already received access to most of our servers
17:27:55 <jow_laptop> so thess will be able to do thing on the servers if I am getting hit by a bus
17:28:02 <thess> I don't know how precious my time is, but I am glad to be on-board to help
17:28:27 <jow_laptop> I just finished the buildbot setup more or less
17:28:44 <jow_laptop> for the moment we're doing continuos builds based on lede source.git master branch
17:28:49 <jow_laptop> the final urls are;
17:28:58 <jow_laptop> http://phase1.builds.lede-project.org/waterfall
17:28:59 <lede-bot> Title: BuildBot: LEDE Project (at phase1.builds.lede-project.org)
17:29:03 <jow_laptop> http://phase2.builds.lede-project.org/waterfall
17:29:04 <lede-bot> Title: BuildBot: LEDE Project (at phase2.builds.lede-project.org)
17:29:22 <Hauke> what does phase1 and 2 stand for?
17:29:29 <jow_laptop> phase1 builds targets along with base and kernel packages, images and sdk
17:29:59 <jow_laptop> phase2 builds all different package architectures from all external feeds to populate the shared package repositories
17:30:26 <Hauke> ok
17:30:36 <jow_laptop> imagebuilder and sdk as well as opkg in installed images will use the repositories populated by phase2
17:31:06 <Hauke> is it documented who has access to which part of our  infrastructure
17:31:26 <jow_laptop> it is internally documented yet and I'll put the document online asap, most likely until monday
17:32:13 <blogic> Hauke: the list has server name, function, owner, people with access, contact person
17:32:14 <Hauke> #action jow puts documentation online about who has acces to which part of the infrastructure
17:32:18 <jow_laptop> the document describes who is paying for a given machine and who is admainstrative contact for a given server, service etc.
17:32:45 <Hauke> ok that is good, so In case of a problem I know whom to contact
17:32:49 <jow_laptop> as it contains no really sensitive information we can likely maintain it publicly
17:33:01 <jow_laptop> it will likely be yet another asciidoc file in web.git
17:33:23 <thess> I've started to look at the requirements for backups and deploying gitolite for access control
17:33:46 <thess> Additionally, I can update jow's document as I get more familiar with the environment
17:33:48 <Hauke> especilly for the build bots that would be nice as they broke very often in OpenWrt
17:33:50 <stintel> I need to say this. why do so many people use until when they mean before ?
17:34:18 <jow_laptop> stintel: maybe its yet another germanism
17:34:59 <stintel> jow_laptop: Bulgarians do it too. /end off-topic
17:35:02 <jow_laptop> Hauke: I plan to put the buildbot master configs online as well
17:35:17 <Hauke> that is nice
17:35:19 <jow_laptop> Hauke: the configs evolved quite a bit and contain almost no "secret source" anymore
17:35:26 <stintel> preferably in a git repo
17:35:52 <jow_laptop> Hauke: but I need to factor out secret information yet - certain credentials like rsync upload keys are yet hardcoded in the config and need to be moved into external files
17:36:05 <jow_laptop> Hauke: so that we can push the remaining non-secret parts unmodified to git
17:36:33 <Hauke> ok that would be nice so if someone wants to replicate the setup
17:37:07 <Hauke> I do not see the "broken packages" link in the build bots any more
17:37:28 <thess> Yes, I noticed that
17:37:37 <jow_laptop> yes, thats a differnece compared to the openwrt setup
17:37:58 <jow_laptop> the openwrt setup used a soon-to-be-deprecated public_html functionality of buildbot
17:38:04 <Hauke> that was a nice feature, but take your time
17:38:13 <jow_laptop> while I developed the lede system to simply upload the logs to the rsync server
17:38:20 <jow_laptop> you cna find the broken package logs here: https://downloads.lede-project.org/snapshots/faillogs/
17:38:21 <lede-bot> Title: Index of /snapshots/faillogs/ (at downloads.lede-project.org)
17:39:02 <Hauke> ok
17:39:32 <Hauke> anything else regarding infrastructure?
17:39:37 <jow_laptop> yes, some final remarks
17:39:38 <Hauke> regarding build bots
17:40:04 <jow_laptop> we're already hitting resource constraints so I'll prepare a list of things we could use sponsoring for
17:40:18 <jow_laptop> the most important part is mirror space for downloads
17:40:21 <Hauke> that would be nice
17:40:45 <blogic> we could do with 3-5 more servers
17:40:55 <jow_laptop> but we als oneed further build capacity, some decent machine to host git on (away from the io constrained system atm)
17:41:27 <jow_laptop> and we need to start figuring out how to deal with the project domain
17:41:53 <jow_laptop> I'd like to hand it over to a proper registrar but someone has to own and pay it
17:41:55 <Hauke> spi? they do nothing but that is ok for such things
17:42:29 <blogic> would be an option
17:42:44 <blogic> lets gather ideas over the next week and then do this in the next meeting ?
17:42:49 <jow_laptop> ok, but lets defer that and talk about it at the next meeting
17:42:51 <Hauke> yes
17:42:52 <stintel> how much mirror space would we need exactly? I talked with someone who is willing to offer a mirror on a 10gig link in Belgium
17:43:07 <jow_laptop> stintel: around 800GB
17:43:25 <Hauke> #action talk about domain registrar in next meeting
17:43:29 <stintel> I'll ask him if ~1TB is possible
17:44:08 <jow_laptop> that would be great
17:44:10 <blogic> i also plan to ping a few universities
17:44:42 <Hauke> I think if we say that we need that and do not act stupid then it should work
17:44:54 <jow_laptop> I think so as well.
17:45:15 <jow_laptop> final remark regarding the infrastructure: the basic auth should be gone now
17:45:23 <jow_laptop> if you still see one, ping me
17:45:42 <blogic> ok
17:45:48 <jow_laptop> action item for me during the next two weeks: grant thess access to the remaining services
17:45:50 <blogic> patchwork is in the making
17:46:03 <blogic> and then only bug tracking is the big TBD
17:46:12 <jow_laptop> publish (high level service) documentation
17:46:24 <Hauke> #action jow:during the next two weeks: grant thess access to the remaining services
17:46:50 <Hauke> should we talk about bug tracing in the next meeting?
17:46:58 <blogic> yes
17:47:07 <blogic> i want to test ride mantis
17:47:09 <Hauke> #action next meeting: bug tracing
17:47:11 <blogic> failed to do so this week
17:47:15 <jow_laptop> there's nothing new to discuss here
17:47:50 <Hauke> ok anything else about infrastructure?
17:48:12 <Hauke> do we want to do staging trees now?
17:48:22 <Hauke> jump in the agenda ;-)
17:48:40 <jow_laptop> yes, infra done
17:48:56 <Hauke> #topic Staging trees
17:49:07 <jow_laptop> I very much prefer them
17:49:12 <Hauke> me to
17:49:34 <jow_laptop> I think anyone here knows the problem with pushing stuff to the repo only to discover that something was overlooked, accidentally committed etc.
17:49:35 <Hauke> would also make it possible to publish work in progress stuff
17:49:55 <Hauke> yes ;-)
17:50:01 <jow_laptop> within an own staging tree one can force-push revert, squash stuff until it looks clean and then merge that to the master in one go
17:50:13 <blogic> yay
17:50:18 <jow_laptop> additionally you're free to host it wherever it can be cloned by people
17:50:26 <jow_laptop> so even on github ;)
17:50:44 <blogic> yes
17:50:57 <Hauke> I would like to see them on git.lede-projects.org
17:51:05 <neoraider> I'm wondering if having "official" staging trees (as branches of source.git) makes sense
17:51:06 <Hauke> so they are not spread arround
17:51:07 <Noltari> jow_laptop: when can we start publishing lede stuff on github? :P
17:51:11 <neoraider> And if so, how to organize them
17:51:33 <blogic> Noltari: once the mail is out to -hackers i guess
17:51:37 <blogic> so monday/tuesday
17:51:38 <jow_laptop> from my side I only want to know whether we want to provide some kind of "officially endorsed" trees, think "http://git.lede-project.org/~jow/source.git" or should contributors organize their own hosting?
17:51:39 <lede-bot> Title: git.lede-project.org Git (at git.lede-project.org)
17:51:54 <blogic> jow_laptop: either
17:52:08 <blogic> we should offer them on the lede server but allow people to use anything they want
17:52:10 <neoraider> jow_laptop, usually having branches instead of separate repos makes more sense
17:52:21 <blogic> neoraider: not sure
17:52:31 <neoraider> jow_laptop, what system do we use to manage Git privileges? Gitolite?
17:52:31 <blogic> would just create a huge monster tree with 100 branches
17:52:35 <jow_laptop> neoraider: you mean for mergability?
17:52:52 <Hauke> you can have multiple remotes in your local git tree
17:53:00 <jow_laptop> neoraider: yes, thess and me are working on deploying gitolite
17:53:09 <Hauke> I would prefere an extra repo so it is clear that this is unofficial
17:53:10 <blogic> Hauke: yes
17:53:32 <Noltari> I think we should maybe have some target specific staging trees where different ppl can work at the same time and them let each user have its own repo hosted somewhere else
17:53:33 <blogic> i will put the lantiq/ralink/mediatek/ar71xx tree on github
17:53:49 <Noltari> then*
17:54:21 <blogic> and accept board support patches for those targets on that tree
17:54:29 <blogic> and merge stuff from the mailing list to the same tree
17:54:51 <Hauke> so we would have one tree per target?
17:54:57 <blogic> no
17:55:05 <blogic> i will have a tree on my account where i stage stuff
17:55:10 <blogic> i dont want 4 trees
17:55:28 <Hauke> so there will be a blogic.git with ar71xx lantiq,... branches?
17:55:34 <blogic> i think anyone should decide for the subsystems that he maintains how to handle it best for his work flow
17:55:40 <blogic> no
17:55:46 <jow_laptop> I think the natural way is tree per user, not tree per target or some other technical definition
17:55:54 <blogic> there will be a staging.git in my account with one staging branch
17:56:05 <Hauke> yes I wuld also prefere one repo per user
17:56:12 <blogic> Hauke: i will do it in a way that reduces workload for me
17:56:34 <blogic> and then when we merge we need to see about the merge order
17:56:49 <blogic> so i would like to contine having the target stuff i maintain flow via my trwe
17:57:11 <blogic> Hauke: as an example if you have LTQ patches you can send me a PR via github or email
17:57:34 <Hauke> ok
17:57:58 <blogic> with ar71xx we need to see how to handle it. i will continue doing it with felix until we find a dedicated maintainer
17:58:01 <jow_laptop> personally I think we should only define the process for final master merges at this point
17:58:07 <blogic> right now the issue is that i do not have access to datasheets
17:58:23 <blogic> jow_laptop: yes
17:58:24 <jow_laptop> how secondary staging trees are organized is something we all need to figure out
17:58:47 <jow_laptop> I already sense some very different ideas and viewpoints here
17:58:49 <Hauke> ok, how do we request a staging tree at lede-project.org?
17:59:04 <blogic> right now i think we should simply allow people to merge their staging trees whenever they think they are good
17:59:15 <Hauke> blogic: agree
17:59:18 <thess> It might make sense to have both private and public repos as does github
17:59:30 <jow_laptop> thess: I think we cna do that as soon as we have gitolite in place
17:59:45 <jow_laptop> right now its all ad-hoc unix permission ssh nginx stuff
18:00:03 <Hauke> ok, so we will implement the staging tree when gitlotite is in place?
18:00:09 <jow_laptop> Hauke: yes
18:00:28 <blogic> ok so we have master and staging
18:00:39 <blogic> anyone can throw stuff into staging as he pleases
18:00:50 <blogic> and then before merging it to master we can do cleanups etc
18:00:55 <blogic> ?
18:01:00 <jow_laptop> what is staging? A yet-to-be-created git.lede-project.org/staging.git ?
18:01:11 <blogic> that is what i am asking
18:01:14 <Hauke> blogic: one staging or multiple?
18:01:31 <thess> staging - your private workspace
18:01:38 <blogic> ok
18:01:39 <blogic> good
18:02:38 <blogic> oh
18:02:43 <blogic> one small thing, fixes ...
18:03:06 <Hauke> stintel: good idea for the beginning lets just implement per committer reposeorires when gitlotite is there, and figure out the process later
18:03:06 <blogic> if we get fixes etc then we should be able to put them straight to master
18:03:49 <Hauke> blogic: agree
18:04:18 <stintel> Hauke: I am confused. weird completion fail ?
18:05:12 <jow_laptop> ok to summarize:
18:05:20 <blogic> stintel: yeah ;)
18:05:39 <jow_laptop> - we'll provide per user repositories where people can stage stuff according to their needs, be it remotes, brnaches, whatever
18:05:54 <jow_laptop> - at this point in time we do not specify any policies for staging -> master merges
18:06:25 <jow_laptop> - we'll try to finish the gitolite stuff asap
18:06:48 <thess> yes - familiarizing myself with it as we speak
18:07:08 <Hauke> afree
18:07:13 <Hauke> agree
18:07:35 <blogic> agreed
18:07:38 <neoraider> ok
18:08:26 <Noltari> ok
18:08:33 <jow_laptop> +1
18:09:08 <thess> One could use github for now and add an additonal named remote to your private clone for merging
18:09:48 <blogic> thess: that is what i do
18:10:53 <stintel> github, or gitlab is also a possibility afaik
18:11:42 <thess> next topic?
18:12:08 <Hauke> #agreed user repositories where people can stage stuff according to their needs
18:12:38 <Hauke> #topic Mission statement
18:13:04 <blogic> we currently have "Goals" listed on the front page
18:13:25 <blogic> these should/might be extended and/or agreed on
18:13:37 <Hauke> I like them
18:13:57 <blogic> me too
18:14:07 <blogic> i would like to reorganize the front page
18:14:17 <blogic> put the PR statement on the top
18:14:28 <blogic> then name, goals, endorsement, about
18:14:37 <blogic> and eventually drop about
18:14:49 <blogic> or even drop it now in favour of the PR text
18:16:06 <Hauke> blogic: sounds good
18:16:07 <neoraider> I think as long as the PR statement is on the top, we don't need the "about"
18:16:20 <stintel> maybe rename it to "Home" and have the goals there, add an About page at the end of the "menu" and keep there the name and about sections
18:16:36 <thess> About could be a separately mantained page for general historical reasons
18:16:42 <neoraider> At some time in the future, when LEDE is established etc, we might want to move the PR statement to a subpage, and revive the about section on top above a "news" section
18:16:53 <stintel> thess: something like that, indeed
18:16:57 <blogic> ok
18:17:06 <blogic> i'll make those changes later today
18:17:12 <blogic> and polish of a few other things
18:17:19 <blogic> the procd config page still point to nowhere
18:17:52 <jow_laptop> at some place we should also put a standard documentation disclaimer stating that lede is largely openwrt compatible [at this point in time]
18:17:52 <Hauke> the Corporate Contact
18:18:03 <Hauke> the Corporate Contact mail is missing
18:18:30 <blogic> Hauke: yes
18:18:47 <blogic> are we done with the current opic ? then i would like to drop 2 lines on email
18:18:53 <blogic> s/on/about/
18:19:07 <Hauke> #topic Corporate Contact mail
18:20:15 <Hauke> blogic: ?
18:20:17 <blogic> ok
18:20:33 <blogic> so we currenlty have twitter and FB registered
18:20:42 <blogic> both running on one of may mail accounts
18:20:56 <blogic> i would like to ask felix to setup emails for the project domain
18:21:13 <blogic> then point twitter and FB at that account
18:21:25 <blogic> and also point the company contact at that account
18:21:35 <blogic> then hand out imap to who ever wants it
18:21:47 <jow_laptop> so a simple shared mailbox
18:21:48 <jow_laptop> ?
18:21:51 <blogic> yes
18:21:59 <Hauke> +1
18:22:10 <blogic> +1
18:22:13 <Hauke> do we have google+?
18:22:13 <neoraider> +1
18:22:17 <jow_laptop> +1
18:22:20 <blogic> Hauke: no
18:22:23 <stintel> +1
18:22:26 <thess> +1
18:22:42 <stintel> how do we disagree btw? -1 ?
18:22:53 <blogic> probably
18:23:00 <jow_laptop> it is just a convention
18:23:04 <blogic> what would you prefer ?
18:23:13 <Hauke> #agreed felix sets up a mail account for project admin and everyone intrested can get imap access
18:23:14 <blogic> stintel: this is just an idea i had that seemed simpe
18:23:20 <jow_laptop> voice it in a way that a human reader would understand it
18:23:29 <jow_laptop> "no", "I disagree", "nak" would work
18:23:58 <Hauke> could someone setup official google + account?
18:24:18 <blogic> we need that mail account for that purpose i guess
18:24:20 <jow_laptop> I need to leave now
18:24:23 <Hauke> yes
18:24:25 <blogic> jow_laptop: thanks !
18:24:31 <Hauke> jow_laptop: thanks
18:24:33 <jow_laptop> have on somewhat related comment:
18:24:35 <blogic> jow_laptop: enjoy the sun
18:24:47 <stintel> well +1 and -1 is less typing. but it's all fine by me. it's just a question that came to mind
18:24:59 <jow_laptop> I registered https://github.com/lede-project
18:25:00 <lede-bot> Title: lede-project ยท GitHub (at github.com)
18:25:23 <blogic> ah yes we have a github project aswell
18:25:24 <jow_laptop> please sne me your github handles if you want to be admin of this org, then you cna host your staging trees under its label if you like
18:25:35 <Hauke> next topic?
18:25:50 <blogic> only prpl is left now i think
18:26:03 <stintel> I am not a fan of -project or so in urls or usernames. but I guess we need to use what's available
18:26:04 <Hauke> #action send jow your github handles to get access to project account
18:26:17 <neoraider> stintel, well, it matches the domain
18:26:31 <Hauke> #topic Interaction with old OpenWrt project
18:26:43 <blogic> i dont understand the topic
18:26:48 <blogic> what aspect is meant ?
18:27:17 <Hauke> will most of you still work on openwrt?
18:27:26 <blogic> ah ok
18:27:39 <blogic> i plan to merge fixes in both for a while
18:27:50 <blogic> and i plan to continue CC+2 support
18:27:54 <stintel> difficult one for those of us who have no openwrt commit access
18:28:18 <jow_laptop> I'll likely play the community hotline for a while to come but will officially announce that I am not going to commit anymore
18:28:19 <stintel> if I can commit to LEDE I will probably not send those changes to the OpenWrt ML anymore
18:28:22 <Hauke> stintel: for you: will you still send patches to OpenWrt?
18:28:39 <Noltari> +1 to stintel
18:28:47 <stintel> if that is prefered, I can stil do it, but I am lazy
18:28:50 <blogic> stintel: you can
18:29:05 <blogic> i will slowly phase out
18:29:19 <Hauke> ok
18:29:34 <blogic> but right now, if i stop openwrt will see 20 patches / month or less unless someone picks up my role
18:29:39 <thess> stintel: I agree, will probably phase out
18:29:50 <stintel> for the packages repo nothing changes for now ?
18:29:56 <stintel> (and other external repos)
18:29:56 <jow_laptop> stintel: correct
18:29:57 <Hauke> blogic: yes I think so too
18:30:15 <blogic> Hauke: i will handover the CC key to ime
18:30:18 <blogic> *imre
18:30:19 <jow_laptop> packages repo might see a rename eventually and otherwise cater to whatever its dominant platform is I guess
18:30:25 <Hauke> What should we suggest to the people sending patches to OpeNWrt mailing list?
18:30:26 <blogic> and destroy my local copy
18:30:50 <jow_laptop> Hauke: personally I'll still take openwrt list patches if they make sense
18:30:54 <blogic> Hauke: up to anyone to decide
18:31:01 <blogic> jow_laptop: me too
18:31:06 <Hauke> ok
18:31:10 <stintel> Hauke: I am not sure we should suggest anything - it might look hostile
18:31:19 <blogic> Hauke: my guess is that the vast majority wont get megred
18:31:19 <jow_laptop> but I will not tell people to send to use, I wait for the spread of word for that
18:31:29 <jow_laptop> *to send to us instead
18:31:34 <thess> Packages will eventually need to be able to build in either environment if there
18:31:50 <thess> are significant differnces with the tools, etc.
18:31:54 <stintel> I agree with jow_laptop
18:31:59 <blogic> thess: yes
18:32:14 <blogic> thess: i think we have a few months before this becomes a real issue
18:32:24 <neoraider> For me, the basic issue is how quickly LEDE and OpenWrt will grow apart. As long as the same patches will easily apply to both repos, I'll probably continue to send patches to owrt as well
18:32:26 <blogic> and we can always backport stuff to openwrt to keep the compatibility
18:32:40 <stintel> if the significant changes are good, ideally they should end up in both projects
18:32:43 <neoraider> As soon as porting patches gets painful, I'll probably stop
18:33:38 <Hauke> ok then lets see what happens
18:34:23 <Hauke> next topic?
18:34:32 <blogic> ok
18:34:40 <Hauke> #topic prpl
18:34:44 <blogic> ok
18:34:50 <blogic> may i quickly start on this ?
18:34:55 <Hauke> yes
18:35:04 <Noltari> I don't know much about prpl
18:35:05 <blogic> believe me i spent a lot of time thinking about this
18:35:08 <blogic> ok
18:35:15 <blogic> so prpl started like this
18:35:20 <blogic> when imgtec bought MIPS
18:35:40 <blogic> they felt the need to built something like linaro to keep up with their rival ARM on that market segment
18:36:26 <blogic> at the time i spoke with graham about this, who eventually left. he worked with ian, managing the MIPS kernel team at IMGTEC
18:36:54 <blogic> they then launched prpl and had a ceo who managed to leave such a footprint that no one knows he existed and what he did
18:37:12 <blogic> they stated their goals as IoT and cloud and $buzzword
18:37:31 <blogic> then they gathered members, namely the SoC vendors buying the MIPS licenses
18:38:05 <blogic> and then quickly shifted their main focus onto openwrt as this was to my understanding what the members were really interested in
18:38:20 <blogic> so much for my personaly view on the history of what prpl is
18:38:30 <blogic> fast forward a couple of year to today
18:38:50 <blogic> now we have an entity that is trying to play a role in the openwrt eco system
18:39:01 <blogic> it is by first look at it a community member
18:39:10 <blogic> but at second look it is a different kind of member
18:39:40 <blogic> normaly you have a person doing tinkering for fun, working on a project like freifunk or a employee of a company
18:40:24 <blogic> each of these has a personal technical agenda, as in fixing something, adding a functionality to push say mesh networking or simply adding support for the SoC/board of the company they work for.
18:40:36 <blogic> prpl does not fit into any of those categories
18:40:59 <blogic> prpl has people that get paid to endorse the interests of its paying member companies
18:41:08 <blogic> these are not technical interest but political ones
18:41:29 <blogic> so per-se to my understanding this is the definition of a lobby
18:42:12 <blogic> from my perception the interest of the lobby is to shift/change the eco system to better fit the needs of their paying members, none of whom play an active part in the community nor contribute anything back to the project
18:42:39 <blogic> i have the feeling they are trying to make the ecosystem part of their supply chain
18:43:08 <blogic> they do so by trying to build parallel infrastructures - the summit, the PEG, the funding, backroom deals ...
18:43:38 <blogic> and they like to make claims of close relations, support and funding, of which i have, in the last 2 years, not seen much
18:43:47 <blogic> ...
18:43:57 <blogic> sorry, had to get that of my chest ;)
18:44:11 <blogic> so now for the discussion ... comments ?
18:44:12 <neoraider> Wasn't there also the prplwrt thing?
18:44:21 <blogic> bingo
18:44:26 <Hauke> I think prpl does the summit and co because they need a prupose otherwise the people working for prpl get fired
18:44:28 <thess> Thanks for the insight as to why we are here among other reasons
18:44:36 <blogic> neoraider: it had a clone of trunk that was never rebased and had 0 patches applied
18:45:04 <blogic> neoraider: it has been taken offline in the meantime i think
18:45:16 <stintel> I have to go, sorry
18:45:25 <blogic> stintel: thanks for your time
18:45:33 <Hauke> as the big members of prpl are intrested in OpenWrt as they are using it in their sdks, supporting openwrt is a a way to give prpl a purpose
18:45:46 <blogic> Hauke: yes
18:46:11 <blogic> but until they understand they are part of our supply chain and not the other way around, i think there is no point of doing anything with them
18:46:30 <blogic> and they have been very good at ignoring any kind of feedback and are simply not getting the point
18:46:56 <blogic> i had very big hopes in the entity
18:47:05 <Hauke> just to inform you, I am working for one of the member companies of prpl and a am visiting some public prpl meetings
18:47:16 <blogic> cool
18:47:18 <blogic> i know
18:47:19 <Hauke> I do not know what happens incide of prpl
18:47:25 <blogic> i actually watch the youtube videos
18:47:26 <Hauke> *inside
18:47:41 <blogic> lots of yeha, woow, amazing, great
18:47:44 <thess> agreed - however, a lobby has to be more than a smile and a handshake.
18:47:53 <blogic> thess: yes
18:48:04 <blogic> show us the code that resulted from all this basically ;)
18:48:12 <blogic> rough consensus and running code
18:48:19 <blogic> i dont see either
18:48:26 <Hauke> I think we should put onto our webiste that lede is not represented by any external organisaition or companie, but only by its committers
18:49:16 <blogic> https://prplfoundation.org/projects/
18:49:17 <lede-bot> Title: Projects | prpl Foundation (at prplfoundation.org)
18:49:19 <blogic> look here
18:49:27 <blogic> openwrt is listed as a prpl project
18:49:44 <blogic> we asked them twice over the last 6 months to make it obvious that we are not one of their projects
18:49:46 <Hauke> to make it clear that prpl or any other company or organisation is not the representative of lede
18:49:56 <blogic> Hauke: yes
18:50:14 <Hauke> if they want to spend money we should take it ;-)
18:50:23 <blogic> Hauke: is nothing
18:50:42 <blogic> the funding they had is enough to pay the developement of 1 ethernet driver or 1/2 a wifi driver
18:50:56 <blogic> that is the capital that eric so verbosily announced
18:51:06 <Hauke> yes, but it is a beginning
18:51:11 <blogic> sure
18:51:22 <blogic> it might be
18:51:27 <blogic> but they should sell it as such
18:51:30 <Hauke> these companies and prpl are not used to work with open source
18:51:37 <blogic> otherwise i might be tempted to call them populistic
18:51:43 <blogic> sure
18:52:16 <blogic> Hauke: well actually they are
18:52:21 <blogic> they have been told many times
18:52:24 <blogic> many many many times
18:52:38 <blogic> i had hundreds of hours explaining it all to exactly those companies
18:53:05 <Hauke> the problem is that these companies have someone that is responsible for like the ethernet driver
18:53:05 <blogic> the problem is that they reluctantly want the eco sytem to be part of their supply chain
18:53:17 <Hauke> if you outsource it this person is not needed any more
18:53:24 <blogic> wrong
18:53:25 <Hauke> so this person is against outsourcing
18:53:46 <blogic> it is simply not the case and wont happen
18:53:50 <Hauke> and what they currently do is what their big customers want
18:53:57 <blogic> yes
18:54:23 <blogic> and owrt is simply a small building block and to sustain their processes it needs to be shaped to fit their supply chain
18:54:37 <Hauke> yes
18:54:49 <blogic> and that is where our ideas go 2 ways
18:55:03 <blogic> they can be part of our community, we do not want to be in their supply chain
18:55:14 <Hauke> what do you mean  eactly with "shaped to fit their supply chain" ?
18:55:14 <blogic> that would be a pure community sell out
18:55:22 <blogic> build a lobby
18:56:08 <thess> How do we prevent this from playing out again with LEDE? A public statement on the home page regarding affiliations?
18:56:31 <Hauke> thess: I would prefere that
18:56:53 <blogic> cool
18:57:09 <blogic> thess: the problem is not what the developers / members do
18:57:15 <blogic> it is the public message they transport
18:57:27 <blogic> people really think that there is a close tie between prpl and owrt
18:57:38 <blogic> because they simply claim so at every opportunity
18:57:52 <blogic> so making a public statement that the project is independent is good
18:58:43 <Hauke> yes that is true they are probably talking to managers that will not look at our web page
18:59:21 <blogic> i am more worried about what our community thinks
19:00:10 <blogic> and they look at our webpage
19:00:14 <Hauke> is anybody against putting a staement onto the website that says that we are not affiliationed with any company indursty organisation?
19:00:32 <jow_laptop> no
19:00:35 <blogic> we should write a proposal
19:00:42 <jow_laptop> no objection, but yes, propose a text
19:00:43 <blogic> and vote on the text next meeting
19:00:50 <Hauke> ok
19:00:54 <blogic> thanks
19:00:57 <blogic> sorry for the rant
19:01:09 <Hauke> #action: write a propose about no affiliationed with any company indursty organisation?
19:01:45 <Hauke> to interact with prpl there are multiple options:
19:02:11 <Hauke> 1. explicitly say that lede does not want to do any thing with prpl
19:02:21 <Hauke> 2. ignore them and let them do something
19:02:40 <blogic> i see a 3rd option
19:02:53 <Hauke> 3. try to work with them on some topics when it looks ok
19:02:59 <thess> Hauke: 1 is too harsh
19:03:00 <Hauke> I am for 3. option
19:03:07 <blogic> i am for 4.
19:03:25 <Hauke> 2. will not solve any problems
19:03:30 <blogic> 4. tell them that they are free to do what they want, but explain that we do not liberally use their name to push our project agenda
19:03:40 <blogic> and that we expect them to be honourable and not use ours
19:03:56 <blogic> if we used theirs, we would have lawyers on our front door within 2 days
19:04:25 <blogic> i personally think it is amazing that $corp finally organized itself and wants to be part of the ecosystem
19:04:35 <blogic> but they need to follow simple rules of decency
19:05:29 <thess> I think 4 is just a variant of 2 with an apology
19:05:31 <blogic> first and foremost, do not liberally use other projects names to push your own agenda that might not be aligned with those of said project
19:05:55 <blogic> it is 2 with a clear "there is a line, kindly dont cross it"
19:06:04 <blogic> pretty please with cherry on top ;)
19:06:19 <blogic> ok i am ranting again, i took this very serious as you can tell
19:06:44 <neoraider> I agree with blogic
19:06:54 <thess> yes, it is.
19:07:36 <Noltari> well, I see your point blogic, but they will probably not care and keep on doing what they want :$
19:07:39 <Hauke> blogic: what should prpl do that you would accept anything from them?
19:07:58 <blogic> i'd accept anything from them
19:08:06 <blogic> until now we were not offered anything i think
19:09:12 <blogic> i am very opportunistic
19:09:17 <blogic> the project does not belong to us
19:09:20 <Hauke> they want to organize an OpenWrt summit this year again
19:09:26 <blogic> it is a community effort
19:09:31 <blogic> so anyone can play
19:09:35 <blogic> Hauke: sure
19:10:25 <blogic> i prefer community run events
19:10:39 <blogic> but that is just my personal favour
19:10:44 <blogic> i never opposed to the event
19:10:49 <Hauke> yes, but till nodoby did
19:11:01 <blogic> did anyone even attend ?
19:11:08 <Hauke> we were talking about an openwrt summit 5 years ago
19:11:21 <blogic> we have one at wcw essentially every year
19:11:30 <blogic> and i consider WBM to somehow be a owrt summit
19:11:43 <blogic> it does not need owrt to be printed on it, that is just a name
19:11:56 <blogic> wmb and wcw are gatherings of those that make owrt what it is
19:12:31 <Hauke> yes
19:12:53 <thess> What is wmb and wcw (world championship wrestling)?
19:13:00 <blogic> yes
19:13:10 <neoraider> thess, Wireless Battle Mesh and Wireless Community Weekend
19:13:23 <thess> thanks
19:13:42 <blogic> thess: mesh communities have always been a huge part of our community
19:13:44 <neoraider> WBM is happening next week in Porto, WCW the days after that in Berlin
19:14:21 <neoraider> Both are yearly events, WBM switching places over all of Europe, WCW always in Berlin
19:14:24 <blogic> ok
19:14:36 <blogic> we are diverging and this is infact all still part of the meeting ;)
19:14:43 <neoraider> Indeed
19:14:45 <blogic> i think the prpl topic is done
19:15:05 <Hauke> yes
19:15:06 <blogic> my fault, prpl always gets me ranting
19:15:11 <Hauke> any other topics?
19:15:50 <neoraider> While not on the Agenda, what about the IRC privileges?
19:16:01 <blogic> which ones ?
19:16:06 <Hauke> #topic IRC privileges
19:16:14 <neoraider> I think I read that #lede-adm is supposed to be read-only by non-commiters when the project is public?
19:16:22 <blogic> yes
19:16:37 <blogic> we will add a moderate flag and give people a +v
19:16:47 <blogic> jow_laptop: did you register the channel ?
19:17:53 <Hauke> anything else which was not on the agenda?
19:18:09 <thess> Nope
19:18:10 <neoraider> I don't think so
19:18:14 <Hauke> #endmeeting