11:05:17 <jow_laptop> #startmeeting Kickoff
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11:05:39 <blogic> Hi everyone and welcome to the lede-project kickoff meeting
11:06:20 <blogic> does meeting bot list the people present or should I list them ?
11:06:27 <jow_laptop> I It does list them
11:06:43 <jow_laptop> I'll start here with presenting with what we've done so far
11:06:50 <blogic> thanks !
11:07:21 <jow_laptop> in the past week I've spent considerable amounts of time to convert the openwrt svn to a proper git repository with mapped author information, svn branches and tags converted to git branches and tags
11:07:37 <jow_laptop> I also broke out packages/ and feeds/ from svn and made the seaprate git repositories
11:08:03 <jow_laptop> I've set up a gitweb where you can browse the repositories at https://git.lede-project.org/
11:08:16 <jow_laptop> the login in is git:geh3im
11:08:42 <cyrusff> ;)
11:09:20 <jow_laptop> We plan to lift any logins as soon as we announce the project officially
11:09:41 <jow_laptop> #info SVN has been converted to git
11:09:47 <jow_laptop> #link https://git.lede-project.org/
11:09:48 <Hauke_1> so this is a 1:1 copy of the svn with no changes?
11:09:54 <blogic> ... and publish all communication as logs and mboxs leading up to the community reboot
11:10:17 <cyrusff> its basically the same i did for github?
11:10:19 <blogic> Hauke_1: some emails have been rewritten and the svn commit strings/hashes were replaced by a new format
11:10:42 <blogic> we added a tag on our new rev0 and will consider this to be rev0
11:10:50 <blogic> apart from that the content is identical
11:10:54 <jow_laptop> Hauke_1, cyrusff: it is more. I first did a full git-svn clone, then I rebuilt a new git repo from scratch laying out the branch topology manually and replaying all commits with git am
11:11:17 <Hauke_1> ok
11:11:37 <jow_laptop> it also properly maps the history of trunk (master) which has been changes at least two times in the past
11:11:47 <jow_laptop> trunk -> wr -> buildroot-ng -> trunk
11:12:21 <jow_laptop> I also added proper amended svn tags for anything which has been tagged in svn
11:12:38 <cyrusff> okay
11:12:58 <jow_laptop> I then repeated the same procedure for packages/ and mapped things like branches/packages_12.09/ as git branches to the packages.git
11:13:02 <cyrusff> yeah i skipped pre-aa because nobody cared really. but nice work anyway
11:13:44 <jow_laptop> on top of that I globally mapped committer names to proper authors
11:13:58 <jow_laptop> in the form Real Name <mail@address.org>
11:14:46 <jow_laptop> Bootstrapping the repositories was one thing
11:16:08 <jow_laptop> blogic did also throw together a few pages and a very rough draft for future governance rules we'd like to follow (they're still subject to change but should illustrate the idea): https://www.lede-project.org/rules.html
11:16:16 <jow_laptop> the login here is lede:g3h3im
11:16:40 <blogic> 1 There is two roles in the project: committer and non-committer
11:16:40 <blogic> 2 Committers have the right to vote on general project decisions
11:16:40 <blogic> 3 General project questions are decided with a simple majority vote
11:16:40 <blogic> 4 Committers being unreachable for three months in a row loose their commit and voting rights
11:16:43 <blogic> 5 Commit means full commit. there is no partial or restricted commit.
11:16:46 <blogic> 6 Frequent contributors may become committers when a simple majority among existing committers agrees
11:16:49 <blogic> 7 Votes and decisions will be made public
11:16:51 <blogic> 8 Infrastructure should be outsourced to the community where possible
11:16:54 <blogic> 9 Any Infrastructure that cannot be outsourced needs to be accessible by at elast 3 people.
11:16:57 <blogic> 10 The project does not offer email accounts under the project domain (apart from abuse, admin, …)
11:17:00 <blogic> 11 Changes to these rules require a two third majority among the committers holding voting rights and shall be documented
11:17:03 <blogic> these are not final or decided on but a proposal
11:17:07 <blogic> can be changed and amended as we decide to do
11:17:38 <jow_laptop> what we envision is:
11:17:44 <jow_laptop> - simplify infrastructure
11:18:38 <jow_laptop> - transparent governance, means frequent public meetings and simple, binding votes
11:18:54 <blogic> ... no closed mailing lists or channels
11:19:17 <blogic> .. this channel will be moderated with commiters and frequent contributors getting +v flags
11:19:28 <blogic> ... anyone can read what we discuss at any point
11:19:42 <blogic> ... same is tru for the -adm mailing list
11:21:30 <blogic> - stability, there should not be a tradeoff between bleeding edge and stability
11:22:00 <blogic> ... we plan to do this by not commiting directly to master but instead have staging trees that get merged during a merge window
11:22:34 <blogic> ... big conceptual changes need to first be proposed
11:22:48 <blogic> ... outside the merge window only fixes will get merged into master
11:23:30 <blogic> - involve the community alot more / offload the resonsibility to test to users
11:23:52 <blogic> ... binary releases will only include binaries that have been tested on device by community members
11:24:18 <jow_laptop> ^ which is a point that needs further debate imho but thats something that can still be decided later
11:24:32 <blogic> yep
11:24:46 <blogic> none of this is final, it is the result of our first few brainstorms
11:25:09 <blogic> - corporate, make them understand that we are not and do not want to be part of their supply chain
11:25:27 <blogic> ... they may join the community under the exact same rules as any community member
11:26:03 <cyrusff> so no plans on becoming a legal Entity?
11:26:22 <jow_laptop> no specific plans just yet but no outright refusal either
11:26:55 <jow_laptop> personally I'd like to have a lean legal umbrella entity, e.g. something I can transfer the domain ownership to
11:27:42 <jow_laptop> but that is something which needs to be decided in a wider audience, once formal governance processes are in place
11:27:42 <blogic> we just need to be aware of the risks
11:27:51 <blogic> exactly
11:27:57 <blogic> it is not us that should decide
11:28:08 <jow_laptop> at least not use exclusively
11:28:16 <blogic> sorry, that is what i meant
11:29:02 <cyrusff> yeah question is mainly if there is a plan to go with e.g. lf or similar
11:29:20 <cyrusff> since spi was totally useless
11:29:30 <jow_laptop> in my opinion mid- to long-term; yes
11:29:36 <Hauke_1> does anybody have experiences with lf?
11:29:45 <blogic> but we should be aware the LF is owned by corporate
11:29:53 <blogic> well that is harsh but you get my point
11:30:16 <rmilecki> what does it stand for?
11:30:23 <blogic> it should be an entity that has the focus on community and not on corporate lobby activities
11:30:28 <jow_laptop> Hauke_1: not yet but I suppose we could get in touch with some people operating under them
11:30:28 <blogic> Linux Foundation
11:30:32 <rmilecki> ah, thanks
11:31:00 <jow_laptop> but before we distract ourselves with too much detail lets wrap the main idea up somewhat
11:31:09 <blogic> agreed
11:31:28 <blogic> shall we quickly talk about corporate involvement ?
11:31:36 <jow_laptop> blogic: not yet
11:32:11 <jow_laptop> or do you mean to elaborate on https://www.lede-project.org/communication.html ?
11:32:19 <blogic> yes
11:32:48 <jow_laptop> ok, go on
11:33:00 <blogic> again a proposal not anything final
11:33:10 <blogic> under the link jow posted you will find this text
11:33:14 <blogic> There is a special email address that companies wanting to colaborate with the project can contact commiters confidentially. These type of "first contact" only have the purpose of helping companies understand the mode of operations. Once the intent is communicated, companies are invited to participate in the project just like any other community member. This means that engagement should be done in public.
11:33:20 <blogic> Ideally companies simply allow part of their R&D team to participate in the normal developement process as normal community members. There will be no special treatment beyond the "first contact". Please see the project rules for further information.
11:34:41 <blogic> not sure what your thoughts are on this
11:35:22 <jow_laptop> its acceptable for me
11:35:45 <jow_laptop> still allows corps to "rent a committer" but urges them to just send patches
11:36:59 <Hauke_1> yes that is ok with me
11:37:59 <jow_laptop> Ok, I'd like to go on quickly explaining the domain / name / infrastructure situation and plans
11:38:05 <blogic> please
11:38:07 <Hauke_1> yes go on
11:38:15 <jow_laptop> #topic Infrastructure
11:38:45 <jow_laptop> ok so we've access to three servers (not counting resources currently in use by openwrt.org) atm
11:39:16 <jow_laptop> 1) (www.)lede-project.org - this is a vhost hosted on linux-mips org, currently hosting the website
11:39:56 <jow_laptop> 2) git.lede-project.org - former, now unused luci.usbsignal.org hosting a readonly openwrt svn mirror, the git repositories and gitweb interface
11:40:30 <jow_laptop> 3) mein.io - my private machine hosting meeting protocols and the irc bot
11:40:44 <jow_laptop> other resources which exist but are not actively used yet are:
11:40:59 <jow_laptop> 1) build.mein.io - the machine we've used to build openwrt releases on
11:41:13 <jow_laptop> 2) build2.mein.io - another build machine provided by blogic
11:41:30 <jow_laptop> in the near term we plan to:
11:41:57 <jow_laptop> - ask for mirror sponsoring (like e.g. tuwien)
11:42:05 <jow_laptop> - offload mailing list hosting
11:42:09 <jow_laptop> - offload patchwork
11:42:42 <cyrusff> so we still want to keep svn?
11:42:49 <blogic> mailing lists will go on infradead, Ralf Baechle will help us setup a contact to David Woodhouse (who has made several contributions over the years)
11:42:52 <blogic> no
11:42:55 <jow_laptop> only the openwrt svn for archive purposes
11:43:21 <blogic> patchwork will go on ozlabs, i am sure jeremy will help us out like he did int he past.
11:43:26 <jow_laptop> my idea was to decide its shutdown in a later meeting
11:43:33 <Hauke_1> tickets?
11:43:41 <jow_laptop> thats a topic we need to tackle yet
11:43:50 <blogic> lets do tickets in a sec, its complex
11:43:50 <jow_laptop> let me summarize my thoughts:
11:43:55 <blogic> or so ...
11:44:38 <jow_laptop> - current trac submissions are of poor quality and swamped with "me too" and +1 style comments as well as obscure, vague or outright incomplete reports
11:45:05 <jow_laptop> - a tiny fraction of the actual committer base really uses the ticket system or if at all, only focuses on specific issues
11:45:24 <jow_laptop> - since we do not require a registration we have no reliable channel for counterquestions
11:45:56 <jow_laptop> - since the effort to create an issue is rather low, people are not inclined to keep watching their own reports
11:46:27 <jow_laptop> this led me to the suggestion to solely use mailing lists for bug reports
11:47:02 <jow_laptop> advantages are: you only get reports from people who really care, the quality of submission tends to be higher, reports will reach a wider audience
11:47:56 <jow_laptop> disadvantages are: no formal way to manage issues, like inability to "close" things, would only work by convention (e.g. putting a [BUG] in the subject)
11:47:59 <Hauke_1> ok, but the mailing list will be accessible without registartion
11:48:10 <blogic> no you will need to register
11:48:13 <jow_laptop> Hauke_1: well you'd need to be subscribed
11:48:21 <blogic> same as the kernel
11:48:35 <jow_laptop> a moderated lsit would be an alternative but moderation (spam etc.) ties up a lot of precious developer time
11:48:38 <Hauke_1> in the kernel most lists are open to all also unsubscribed
11:48:56 <blogic> ok, i think there are bith
11:49:00 <blogic> *both
11:49:02 <Hauke_1> yes
11:49:11 <blogic> we need to decide
11:49:25 <blogic> basically on an average day i experience this twice
11:49:25 <Hauke_1> at least we have the mail address of the reporter in this way
11:49:29 <jow_laptop> I also suggested to evluate "RT" as issue tracker
11:49:35 <blogic> ticket gets posted on tracd
11:49:49 <blogic> ticket gets referenced on github
11:49:51 <Hauke_1> RT?
11:49:53 <blogic> i get an email from github
11:50:01 <blogic> and then en email from the submitter telling me the links
11:50:37 <jow_laptop> Hauke_1: https://bestpractical.com/rt-and-rtir/
11:50:59 <jow_laptop> RT is an "enterprise grade" issue tracker but its free and also features mail as a primary interface for manage issues
11:51:15 <jow_laptop> without having evaluated it in details my hope was that we can use it in a patchwork-style manner
11:51:34 <Hauke_1> ok
11:52:16 <Hauke_1> anyway ignoring issues reported some months ago with no activity is no problem for me
11:52:17 <jow_laptop> however, our topmost priority with any solution we consider should be the following: keep it as simple and lean as possible
11:52:44 <Hauke_1> ok, no problem we will find a solution for the ticketing problem
11:53:10 <blogic> i think the main focus should be on having a single channel and handle it by some governance rules
11:53:19 <jow_laptop> which brings me to another practical problem we have atm:
11:53:30 <jow_laptop> people do not know what to report where
11:53:52 <jow_laptop> we tend to close issues on github and tell people to report in trac and vice versa
11:54:18 <jow_laptop> this is frustrating from a submitter pov and we should consider treating issues raised on github to be "legal"
11:55:36 <jow_laptop> ok so much on the ticket topic from me for now, we need to further discuss this down the road
11:56:21 <cyrusff> if we have a github mirror and we should we could write an api script which autocloses tickets and prs
11:57:00 <jow_laptop> I believe we could also simply make the bug mailinglist a recipient of the issue notifications
11:57:20 <jow_laptop> it is possible to reply via mail and it ends up on github and vice/versa
11:58:25 <cyrusff> thats even better
11:59:32 <jow_laptop> if no further remarks at this point I'd like to move on to contributor invitations, roadmap, timeline
12:00:07 <blogic> ok
12:01:02 <Hauke_1> ok
12:01:03 <jow_laptop> - blogic and me want to invite certain people to increase our manpower and to get the wider community more involved with the project
12:01:58 <blogic> yes
12:02:10 <blogic> lets consider the current commiters as those present + felix
12:02:27 <blogic> who else would yout liek to see join the team ?
12:03:21 <jow_laptop> - I propose: hnyman (he's doing a lot of community communication, luci and package work), yousong zhou (lot of github feed work)
12:03:52 <cyrusff> stintel?
12:04:03 <blogic> alvero (RPi)
12:06:10 <blogic> zoltan (sunxi)
12:06:16 <blogic> gabor
12:06:34 <jow_laptop> ted hess (feeds), naoir (feeds)
12:06:55 <jow_laptop> dangole (oxnas, ramips, feeds)
12:06:57 <blogic> lynxsis ? (ar71xx)
12:09:09 <blogic> matthias schiffer (ar71xx
12:09:23 <jow_laptop> #info Proposed invitations: hnyman, yousong, stintel, alvero, zoltan, gabor, thess, naoir, dangole, lynxsis, mschiffer
12:09:27 <blogic> specially ar71xx needs maintainers and we should try to get more than 3
12:09:49 <Hauke_1> so all the current active contributors, I think it is easier to talk about this on a mailing list, we probably forgot some people
12:10:08 <jow_laptop> Hauke_1: yes
12:10:19 <blogic> agreed
12:10:28 <jow_laptop> I also consider approaching the Gluon üeople
12:10:32 <jow_laptop> *people
12:11:07 <jow_laptop> they have experience with maintaining OpenWrt downstream, backporting board support stuff etc.
12:11:27 <blogic> yes
12:11:36 <cyrusff> makes sense
12:11:47 <blogic> that is the next thing we need to get ourt main communities in the community involved much more
12:11:54 <blogic> drive tsuff in the direction they need
12:13:01 <cyrusff> what communities are there aside freifunk/gluon?
12:13:06 <cyrusff> that would be relevant
12:13:14 <blogic> ninux
12:13:28 <blogic> and i would love to see us build a bridge to asia
12:13:47 <jow_laptop> entware-ng
12:13:47 <blogic> taiwan, japan, hong kong china ... all have thriving communities
12:15:35 <jow_laptop> qmp, guifi, confine
12:15:39 <jow_laptop> openmesh
12:16:51 <Hauke_1> ok lets also talk to all the other communities after the anouncment how we could improve so that it is easier for them to work more closely with us
12:17:01 <blogic> well not really
12:17:11 <blogic> ah ok, lets talk about improvement afterwards
12:17:24 <blogic> i think we should however inform key players of those communities up front
12:17:35 <blogic> a few days prior to a public annoucnement
12:17:45 <blogic> they are part of this and should get a lead time
12:17:56 <blogic> it is only fair and the whole point of what we are doing
12:19:24 <jow_laptop> then I guess it is time to move to the timeline now
12:19:44 <blogic> please
12:20:01 <jow_laptop> let me document the action items first
12:20:30 <blogic> thanks !
12:20:31 <jow_laptop> #action discuss contributor proposals on a to-be-set-up mailinglist
12:21:07 <jow_laptop> #action get in touch with community key players upfront to involve them in the decision making process
12:21:25 <jow_laptop> #topic Timeline
12:22:16 <jow_laptop> we only have one fixed date so far more or less which is during the timeframe of the upcoming battlemesh
12:22:22 <nbd> moin
12:22:25 <blogic> he just came online in jabber ;)
12:22:43 <jow_laptop> nbd: http://meetings.lede-project.org/lede-adm/2016/lede-adm.2016-03-30-11.05.log.txt
12:22:47 <cyrusff> where is the next battlemesh?
12:22:58 <blogic> cyrusff: slovenia
12:23:05 <nbd> jow_laptop: user/pw?
12:23:10 <Hauke_1> no porto
12:23:15 <jow_laptop> nbd: lede:g3h3im
12:23:16 <blogic> ah sorry
12:23:26 <blogic> in parallel there is WCW which i will attend
12:23:29 <nbd> jow_laptop: thx
12:23:46 <blogic> and we are considering to do a videoconf between the 2
12:23:57 <blogic> might be a good time to announce this community reboot
12:24:15 <Hauke_1> ok so one month till then
12:24:48 <blogic> yes
12:24:51 <nbd> i will leave from porto one day early so i can be at most of WCW
12:25:23 <cyrusff> hmm, since i'm working in Berlin anyway now I will try to attend WCW
12:25:31 <jow_laptop> #info We plan to announce the community reboot simultaneously at WBM and WCW
12:25:32 <cyrusff> but not 100% sure yet
12:26:04 <blogic> those are 2 of the biggest *wrt related events so its the natural place
12:26:07 <jow_laptop> Hauke_1: you're in porto too?
12:26:51 <Hauke_1> yes I plan to
12:27:22 <jow_laptop> #action nbd, Hauke_1, jow_laptop plan to present the project at the WBM
12:27:37 <Hauke_1> but probably only till Thursday
12:27:40 <jow_laptop> #action blogic, cyrusff, nbd plan to present the project at the WCW
12:28:31 <Hauke_1> I think that is a possible timeframe
12:28:49 <jow_laptop> It would be great if we could have a few more meetings until then
12:28:53 <Hauke_1> which topics are still mising on the agenda?
12:28:57 <blogic> i think we should invite new commiters 2 weeks before that date
12:29:13 <blogic> and have at least 1 meeting with all involved before the launch
12:29:41 <blogic> it should be semi public before we should not suprise folks but gradually be more public
12:29:49 <blogic> if there is a leak then that is ok i guess
12:29:53 <jow_laptop> Hauke_1: I think we covered most, last remaing item would be a few quick decisions on a few questions
12:30:03 <Hauke_1> ok
12:30:33 <Hauke_1> what does lede stands for?
12:30:40 <blogic> ah ...
12:30:41 <blogic> :-)
12:30:53 <jow_laptop> it was suggested by nbd . Linux Embedded Development Environment
12:30:59 <blogic> The name LEDE is an abbreviation for Linux Embedded Development Environment, a reference to its flexibility and embedded buildroot origins, making it a solid choice for embedded Linux applications far beyound the wireless router and network appliance realm.
12:31:03 <blogic> The word LEDE is also an alternation of the phrase to lead, describing an introductory section of a news story that is intended to entice the reader to read the full story.
12:31:26 <jow_laptop> it might not be the most cracy marketing name but it is easy to spell and remember
12:31:43 <blogic> we also have the domain linux-ede.org
12:31:47 <blogic> its only a name
12:31:58 <jow_laptop> additionally I also got wrt-project.org and wrtproject.org
12:32:16 <jow_laptop> but that "w" is always problematic in english abbreviations
12:32:23 <blogic> and cpewrt.org linuxcpe.org
12:32:24 <Hauke_1> so how is the transition from OpenWrt planed? It looks like most OpenWrt core developers are in LEDE now
12:32:42 <blogic> good question
12:33:00 <blogic> one thing we need to put emphazie on id that we wont tear down bridges
12:33:01 <jow_laptop> Initially we plan to bootstrap the project and shape it in a way we deem useful to use and the community
12:33:12 <blogic> we will keep all infrastructire running and maintain if for the time being
12:33:18 <jow_laptop> yes
12:33:35 <blogic> i do not consider this a fork, but more a reboot
12:33:39 <jow_laptop> there are several possible scenarios
12:34:02 <jow_laptop> 1) lede continues maintaing the openwrt codebase for a while, openwrt eventually stalls and lede becomes its successor
12:34:34 <jow_laptop> 2) lede continues maintaing the openwrt codebase, openwrt dies, lede adopts it as umbrella organization
12:34:40 <Hauke_1> and how do we communicate this to the current OpenWrt core develoeprs that are not in this channel?
12:34:45 <jow_laptop> 3) both lede and openwrt continue to evolve differently
12:35:26 <jow_laptop> I planned to send an open letter of resignation as soon as lede becomes official, offering the other developers to join in under the agreed upon governance framework
12:35:43 <Hauke_1> and is the renaming a good idea? LEDE is a better name than OpenWrt, but OpenWrt is known by many people
12:36:47 <cyrusff> the thing is, openwrt is a trademark
12:36:52 <blogic> no
12:36:56 <Hauke_1> yes
12:37:00 <blogic> the trademark is not registered properly
12:37:07 <cyrusff> ah it isn't ?
12:37:11 <blogic> OpenWrt vs OpenWRT
12:37:13 <jow_laptop> blogic: it is. I've been told that the different casing is not a problem
12:37:17 <Hauke_1> I am not intrested in a legal fight
12:37:17 <blogic> ah ok
12:37:24 <blogic> Hauke_1: hence the rename
12:37:32 <blogic> we do not want to damage anyones work
12:37:44 <blogic> it is our private and personal choice what we do
12:37:50 <blogic> and the code is GPL
12:38:07 <Hauke_1> yes as long as it is not named OpenWrt there is no legal problem
12:38:15 <blogic> i hope there will be understanding and cooperation on both sides
12:38:17 <blogic> i really do
12:38:20 <Hauke_1> I think OpenWrt is dead without us
12:38:20 <jow_laptop> Hauke_1: we considered the brand value of openwrt as well but I personally think that the history and expectations tied to the name are problematic for a clean start
12:38:48 <blogic> it is also as clear a signal we can send for a reboot
12:38:49 <cyrusff> not only that but also the problems, the lack of communication and the drama
12:39:06 <jow_laptop> whenever I got in touch with users our outsiders it was percived as a cathedral kind of thing with very opague development hierarchies and decision processes
12:39:28 <blogic> personally i think we should not launder our dirty washing now
12:39:35 <blogic> the future is too bright for that
12:40:07 <jow_laptop> exactly, we plan to be neutral, professional and welcoming to openwrt to keep the door open for a future reintrgration
12:40:25 <jow_laptop> I could think of openwrt as just a distribution of lede in the future but thats just my personal take
12:40:52 <Hauke_1> I would like to stay with OpenWrt, to do so we could anounce these plans to the the remaining people and ask if they want to join under the rules given and if they are ok to use the trade mark
12:41:10 <blogic> no
12:41:12 <Hauke_1> the trade mark is not hold by one person but by an organisation in the name of OpenWrt
12:41:19 <blogic> i dont think we should intermingel
12:41:49 <blogic> it will just add to the cinfusion
12:42:04 <Hauke_1> jow_laptop: do you have different technical plans with LEDE compared to OpenWrt?
12:42:44 <blogic> Hauke_1: the ones listed at 12:18
12:42:45 <jow_laptop> Hauke_1: not really. I plan to put more effort on stabilization and polishing, less on "hunting kernel releases"
12:43:01 <blogic> pppoe is utterly broken
12:43:06 <blogic> so is ipv6
12:43:11 <blogic> art71xx needs a ot of work
12:43:22 <jow_laptop> I could for example imagine keeping the tree mostly as is for two to three months and only fix regressions
12:43:22 <blogic> buildbots aswell
12:43:24 <cyrusff> is there a list of things broken with v6?
12:43:26 <nbd> i think we need to communicate clearly that the openwrt core developer team decided to reboot the project under a different name
12:43:31 <nbd> and that everybody should move over
12:43:34 <blogic> cyrusff: not yet
12:43:49 <blogic> cyrusff: been a few recent changes causing people to complain not looked in detail
12:43:53 <cyrusff> okay
12:44:13 <jow_laptop> cyrusff: its a bad mix of various little issues, changed defaults leading to broken configs (or wrong expecations), resource issues etc.
12:44:19 <cyrusff> okay
12:44:42 <blogic> i for myself want to stop spending endless hours just merging and start developing again
12:44:52 <blogic> i curently spend 20+ hours a week on $foo
12:44:58 <jow_laptop> Hauke_1: I could also imagine cutting down some targets
12:45:06 <blogic> jow_laptop: please
12:45:09 <jow_laptop> like xburst which is broken since 6 months or so
12:47:16 <jow_laptop> my opinion regarding LEDE/OpenWrt naming: while we establish the reboot and work out governance rules, infrastructure responsibilities and the like I'd like to use LEDE name
12:47:27 <blogic> yes
12:47:27 <rmilecki> what about making it a new rule? handling hald-abonded targets
12:47:33 <rmilecki> &half
12:47:36 <blogic> sure
12:47:49 <blogic> you could propose it upfront for the next meetig and we make a vote
12:47:53 <rmilecki> just a side note, to be discussed later
12:47:54 <jow_laptop> once this is in place I'd lake to stage another majority vote about the future project name etc.
12:47:55 <blogic> that should be the process
12:48:10 <blogic> jow_laptop: good idea
12:48:37 <nbd> ack
12:49:08 <nbd> with infratstructure there should be a hard rule 'no single point of failure'
12:49:18 <nbd> in terms of admin access
12:49:24 <jow_laptop> + documented responsibilities
12:49:26 <nbd> yes
12:49:52 <jow_laptop> git -> nbd, jow, blogic; web -> blogic, hauke, rafal; etc.
12:50:05 <jow_laptop> (just an example)
12:50:20 <jow_laptop> it should be three people at least
12:50:34 <nbd> ack
12:51:14 <jow_laptop> and the general idea is to make everything as simple as possible and automate whatever can be automated
12:51:25 <jow_laptop> like building releases with buildbots
12:52:02 <jow_laptop> we made some considerable progress on this front and will likely fully solve it soon
12:52:45 <jow_laptop> ok, I'd like to move to the final vote agenda item so that we can finish the official meeting
12:52:57 <jow_laptop> if you agree, respond with "+"
12:53:04 <jow_laptop> if you disagree, respond with "-"
12:53:19 <jow_laptop> #topic Vote
12:53:25 <blogic> small intermezzo on web
12:53:35 <blogic> web is asciidoc in a git tree
12:53:46 <jow_laptop> #item Project Rules
12:53:49 <blogic> a cronjob will regenerate the html code every few hours and redeploy it
12:54:11 <jow_laptop> #info Project Rules
12:54:54 <jow_laptop> Do you agree with rules outlined at https://www.lede-project.org/rules.html as a working draft for further discussion?
12:54:59 <jow_laptop> +
12:55:12 <blogic> +
12:55:33 <cyrusff> +
12:55:55 <nbd> +
12:58:22 <jow_laptop> Hauke_1, rmilecki ?
12:58:29 <rmilecki> + just fix the typos ;) s/elast/least/ s/the project/The project/
12:59:16 <blogic> rmilecki: yes ;)
12:59:26 <cyrusff> There _are_ two roles... ;)
12:59:43 <blogic> there are far worse typos still on the pages
13:00:12 <nbd> this is just draft stuff anyway, typos can be discussed separately ;)
13:00:47 * rmilecki is going afk for some dinner
13:01:06 <Hauke_1> +
13:01:10 * nbd will go to sleep soon-ish
13:01:13 <jow_laptop> #agreed 6/6 attendees agree to accept the rules as outlined in https://git.lede-project.org/?p=web.git;a=blob;f=pages/rules.txt;h=13ad62790d69d92c4a24122d664dc498c750a005 as a wroking draft for further refinement
13:02:33 <jow_laptop> Ok, anything else?
13:02:51 <blogic> mailing list
13:02:59 <blogic> please invite the others to the mailing list
13:03:11 <jow_laptop> #action jow_laptop Invites the other to the mailing list
13:03:15 <blogic> so we can discuss when to invite and inform the next crowd and organize the next meeting
13:03:37 <jow_laptop> #action next meeting date and agenda items will be dicussed on the list
13:04:06 <blogic> thanks and lets try to recude the meetings to 30-60 minutes next time ;)
13:04:25 <jow_laptop> Do you agree to close this meeting now and creating an agenda and a date on the list? [+/-]
13:04:32 <blogic> +
13:05:14 <jow_laptop> +
13:05:18 <Hauke_1> +
13:05:19 <cyrusff> +
13:05:49 <jow_laptop> thats enough :)
13:05:51 <jow_laptop> #agreed 4/6 attendees agree to create and agenda and finding a date on the mailing list
13:05:54 <jow_laptop> #endmeeting